1,5 hours: 600 kr / 90 US dollars. 

Sessions offered on skype as well! 

Let me help you!

Sexuality, feelings, relationships … Ahh.. Sometimes those things fill our minds with worries. Will I ever find the one? Will I ever mend my heart from that break up? Oh no! I don’t feel like having sex anymore, what should I do? I’ve never had an orgasm, help?

Our thoughts and worries of the body and heart can be many and we quite often don’t know who to share these “problems” with. Sex and sexuality is still such a taboo in most countries, that communicating openly about ones needs, thoughts, desires and dysfunctions can feel shameful, embarrassing.

Furthermore it can be really difficult to understand exactly why we’re feeling the way we do and how to cope with it.

And that’s where I step in.

I offer consultations regarding everything from a dysfunctional sexuality to a worried and love-sick mind.

And I’ll do my best to help you.




Loving smiles, Theresa Johanne