I’d like to think that we physically hurt ourselves for a reason. That it’s a message from the universe letting us know that something inside us is out of balance. That we’re suppressing something, that we’re not following our hearts, that we made the wrong decision, that we’ve been too ego-focused. But when I sprained my ankle badly while hula hooping about 9 months ago, I didn’t think that it meant anything. Because.. Come on? It’s normal to have accidents, it happens all the time. I just had a little too much energy performing this one trick that snapped at my foot. It was just bad luck.

But.. Then it happened again. To the same foot. I was so furious at myself for not being careful, for being reckless and oblivious to being hurt again. My physio shook his head at me and told me to lay off hula hooping for a while, especially on the beach. “I really don’t want to get any permanent damages, so now I’m gonna be careful“, I thought to myself with a determined facial expression. But walking around with a huge backpack, up and down the hills of Queenstown NZ looking for a place to sleep, didn’t exactly help my vulnerable foot.


“For me it all made sense. I felt layer after layer dissolve from my skin, leaving me more and more vulnerable. I felt tears swell up behind my eyes as I listened to his words with my heart. The same heart that was starting to expand inside me, the same heart that had made me hurt.”

A healing story

Then.. on a sunny yet windy thursday afternoon my friend and I were sitting in the grass overlooking a great lake, when a tall man with beautiful blue eyes and a gentle hungarian hunting dog by his side, sat down and joined our company. “I’m a spiritual healer. I work with many different forms of healing” I heard him say to my friend just as I took a big bite off my bree, tomato and rye sandwich. Woops, that caught my attention! “Oh really. Wow. Well my friend Theresa here has a bad ankle, maybe you can heal it?” my friend quickly said to him with a smile of sincerity. He looked at me as I then blurted out, “what does it mean? Do you know what it means when you hurt your ankle?” He smiled and nodded his head, before continuing his story about his journey into the healing arts.
I haven’t forgotten about your ankle” he said and looked at me with his piercing blue eyes, even though I’d said nothing. “No, no.. It’s fine,” I said with a surprising smile, as if he just caught me stealing one of Santa’s cookies. And then all of a sudden he started talking to my heart about how I felt torn between two worlds. He mentioned my father, he mentioned love, he mentioned relationships. For me it all made sense. I felt layer after layer dissolve from my skin, leaving me more and more vulnerable. I felt tears swell up behind my eyes as I listened to his words with my heart. The same heart that was starting to expand inside me, the same heart that had made me hurt. “How do you feel?” he asked me when his “impulsive healing session in the park” was over. “Hmm… I feel… I feel light,” I then responded as I felt my body react with giggles and invisible tears of warmth, love, and consciousness.

Your ankle will start healing itself now.” He told me as I leaned in to give him a soul hug of gratitude. And indeed it did.
I was ready to hear what he told me, because I had known the truth behind his words all along. I was open to listening with my heart. I was ready to heal myself and thereby my ankle. My ankle got sprained because of the emotional situation I was in. I believe that. I really do. But what do you believe?

bulla Bula bullshit?

Many people would read this, laugh and shake their heads, “You silly hippie woman, that just sounds plain dum“. Well.. I guess we’ll never discover the capability of our heart, body and soul if we go around thinking like that. Which is why you can only heal yourself physically and emotionally if you believe and trust in yourself, in your soul, in the universe, in god, in love.
Everything is connected, our organs, muscles, blood, intestines, bones, brain, heart, feelings, sensations, thoughts, actions, movements.. So why does it sound impossible for some people, to even think that there might be an emotional reason for some of the sicknesses or injuries that we get? I know it’s super hard to find a meaning behind some of the things that happen to us or our loved ones. I know it may sound really “out there” to think that our emotions dealt or un-dealt with can cause physical pain in any form. And I wish I knew more about which parts of the body deals with what emotions, but I don’t… Yet….

No one can scientifically prove the above (as far as I know). It sounds like magic, it sounds like hulla-bulla-bo. And the next time I hurt myself, I might not think, feel or believe that there’s a reason for it. So I’ll start thinking about going to my doctor, I’ll take the medicine and advice she gives me, because she knows how to “fix” me, and I trust in qualification. But I’ll forget to trust in myself, in my body, in my soul. I’ll forget to trust in the amazing power our bodies withhold, the power of healing. Why? Because I’m too lazy, too scared, too caught up in the “western way” – which is amazing, don’t get me wrong. However.. Wouldn’t it be even more amazing to join the western way of the mind together with the alternative healing arts of the heart in a bond of explosive conscious healing? I reckon.

Alternative and conscious healing in any form is highly underrated. Sure there might be many “flukes” out there that don’t really have a clue about what they’re doing. But I actually think it comes down to every single individual to really BELIEVE and open their hearts to understanding and letting go, because the ability to heal oneself is already there.


And guess what.. When I woke up the next day after my “healing-in-the-park-session” I could stretch my foot out like I hadn’t been able to for weeks.

Loving smiles, Theresa Johanne

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