Who am I?

Hello and welcome to my site!

My name is Theresa Johanne Kirkby and I’m a certified sexologist and semi-professional hula hoop dancer  from Denmark, currently living in Copenhagen.

Ehh.. Say what? Hula hooper? Yes, I dance with hula hoops.

Hmm.. Sexologist?

People often ask me; “Why did you choose to become a sexologist?” And so I smile and answer; “I was 18 years old when I picked up a magazine and started reading an interview of a semi-famous danish sexologist. In the middle of the interview the sexologist has to go to the toilet and so the journalist naturally gives her the privacy he thinks she needs, before he hears her call out from the loo; “You can still talk to me while I’m peeing. I’m just peeing.” YES! I remember thinking to myself with excitement. This woman knows what’s it’s all about. She’s got fucking balls and says it so straight and simple. “I’m just peeing.” Going to the toilet can be such a taboo sometimes, but seriously.. Who gives a damn? We all do it!

Just like we all have sex or at least think about sex every day! But hey.. We don’t talk about that. That’s private and definitely not something other people should know about us.  Ehh.. But why? Because sex and sexuality is full of shame and guilt and is one of the biggest taboos in the world – which also makes it the most fun, interesting and exciting one to break.

And that’s what I enjoy doing: Breaking taboos by being open and speaking openly about things most people don’t dare to share.

Many people, especially teenagers, need to listen to or speak to someone who isn’t shy of speaking openly about sex, intimacy, feelings, orgasms or lack of them, sexual dysfunctions or embarrasing moments involving poo.  – And it just so happens that I absolutely love being that someone for somebody.

So.. Who am I?

I’m just an ordinary, yet very determined, young woman born in the country side of southern Denmark, where I  spent most of my youth riding my horse along the sandy beach, philosophizing about life and dreaming of love and adventures far away from cold Denmark.

I’ve always been one to follow my intuition. To follow my heart and my gut. And so far it’s lead me down golden paths and handed me great opportunities in life, which is why I feel so passionate about helping other people follow and listen to their intuition.

Life is too short and beautiful to be lived from a safety box. It must be experienced through an open mind followed by an open heart.


Loving smiles,

Theresa Johanne

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